Unauthorised Retailers

Shopping CMY Cubes products online or on Amazon? Here’s what you need to know.

CMY Cubes products are available in Australia, the United States, and internationally through CMY cubes and its network of authorised retailers and distributors. The guarantee for quality is only valid for CMY Cubes Products purchased directly from CMY Cubes or one of its authorised retailers. The Original CMY Cubes by CMY Cubes is an official Amazon store that also sells official goods. We add new merchants to our list on a regular basis. If you have any questions, please use this Contact Us form.

Unauthorised sellers can be found selling CMY Cubes Products. These items are frequently not purchased from CMY Cubes or an authorised reseller. Instead, they are sourced from a variety of other sources without our consent. Due to the nature of the goods sold by unauthorised dealers and their business practices, products sold by unauthorised dealers are not entitled to the benefits of the CMY Cubes quality guarantee. CMY Cubes products sold by unauthorised vendors may be purchased on a secondary "gray" market and can therefore be pirated, faulty, refurbished, stolen, or even counterfeit goods.

We are constantly working to prevent businesses from taking advantage of consumers, but these activities continue. It is important to us that you get the high-quality goods and service that you are entitled to, which is why we recommend only purchasing CMY Cubes products directly through our website (cmycubes.com) or through one of our authorised retailers or distributors listed here.